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I'm Dave Trantham, the man behind the lures. I'd like to take this opportunity and introduce you to someone special, The Honey behind the Honeybuzz and quickly tell how this company became what it is today.  It all started early in my youth as I naturally found myself taking things apart to see how they worked and rebuilding them to something better.  It was that instinct to do the same with fishing lures.  

After careful study of what anglers wanted for tournament wins a wish list began to grow. These lures kept improving till soon I had something people were talking about and wanted to buy.   I was told, "You should be doing this for a business, these are better than what I find at tackle shops." It wasn't long before that hobby turned into a business and Vision Lures was off and running.

The first commercial lure to hit the market was a buzzbait because I found there was nothing more exciting than watching a fish explode on the surface and seeing your lure disappear and the tug and action that followed. I didn't have a name for these yet but the phone rang day after day with fishermen from all walks of life telling me of their record catch, tournament win, prize money or a trip of a lifetime this lure had brought them.

This was a little surprising to me because my lure was totally different than what was on the market. These were higher priced, performance tuned, packed full of quality components and hand crafted here in the USA. But it all points back to the one thing my Mother had taught me as a boy, to be your best at whatever you do and sooner or later you'll make a difference and be much happier in the long run.

She brought so much more than wisdom to this company and people over the years have said, "I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something special about your lures." Some have even said, "There's magic behind these lures." But the real secret is from the wisdom taught to me years ago.  

She said, "with this being such a special lure let's make it even more important and say a prayer over each one." She taught me this amazing prayer where an angel could be linked and asked if I would put a Bible verse on each package. What a great idea I thought but quickly reasoned why as a young company I couldn't take the chance of offending any buyer.

She died several months later and out of my emptiness came strength. I decided to honor her and all that she had taught.  I not only put that Bible verse on but named and dedicated this lure to her.

"Honey", as she was first called by my nephew, but to me she was simply known as Mom. The Honeybuzz was born and once I had the courage to do what I knew was right, the lure company arose. The prayer we spoke of that day is still prayed over each and every Honeybuzz / Sugarbuzz Buzzbait.  It's one I hope will make a difference and is shared with you today.

"Lord, thank you for all your blessings and lessons you have given me. Thank you for the ability to create these lures and the difference they make. Lord, on that quiet day when the big one bites and adults laugh like children again let them look around and see all the beauty you created and realize you're still in charge and Lord bless them in a way that benefits you, the world and them the most. Amen..."

Dave Trantham - Vision Lures