Vision Prop Limited Edition Noisy Silver and Black Buzz Bait

Vision Prop Limited Edition Noisy Silver and Black Buzz Bait

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NEW FOR 2014 ... Vision Prop Limited Edition 4 Bladed Buzz Baits Are Without a Doubt One of the World's Loudest Top Water Lures. This Noisy Buzz Bait is So Secret, So New it's Currently Available to a Select Few, The Serious Angler, People in Need of a Really Great Lure which Separates Them Apart or Tournament Pro's who have Used or Seen this Amazing New Lure in Action.

Vision Prop Limited Edition Buzz Baits feature our Patented Honeybuzz™ Design, Patented 4 Sided Solid Boat Prop Style Blade and Our Revolutionary Hinged Hook. Watch in Amazement how Quick it Rises and Skims Across the Surface, Slower and Better than any other Buzzbait while Resembling a Frog or Lunker Size Meal being Frantically Chased.

One secret is how well it produces such a bang and commotion that's never been heard before in any top water lure. Big fish just can't stand it in their territory and take it out with a vengeance only to find you on the other end. So Loud it's literally mistaken for a cow bell on water. Don't be surprised when boats from the next cove troll over to see what in the world is producing all this racket. And if Conditions Suddenly call for a Softer Approach, Simply lift the blade arm up to where the spinning blades aren't tapping the head and Generate an Amazing Echoed Squeak and Squeal from our Exclusive Rusted ol' Rivet and Blade.

Definitely One Secret Lure that Pays to have when Big Money is on the line. Available Now in all Skirt Colors Featured on our Buzz Bait Page, Just specify with special instructions when ordering by phone or website.

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